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Rick Clancy gains valuable skills from BWFW workshop


Rick Clancy and his wife Julianne run a cropping and wool enterprise with family members Hough and Virginia, and Brian and Brenda Clancy at Pleasant Hills in the NSW Riverina.

Rick said “We’ve been based on Pooginook blood since 1967 and our  self-replacing ewe flock has proven to be profitable within our mixed farming system”.

Family members have attended Pooginook education programs over the years and have implemented the Bred Well Fed Well principles through the Lifetime Ewe program to drive more profit from their merino enterprise.

“Our 2200 adult ewes average 18.5 micron and cut 6.5 kilos of wool in a 500mls rainfall area” Rick advised.

“The key profit driver in recent years has been the lift in lambing percentage from 91-92 % to 117% across all age groups. We now use a five week joining, pregnancy test all ewes into singles and multiples and sell off any dry ewes. The multiple bearing ewes are lambed down in small mobs no bigger than 250 and the multiples are given paddocks with the best feed” Rick said.

“Good fox control and little disturbance of ewes during lambing has also seen increases in lamb survival” Rick commented.

Elders livestock nutritionist and “Lifetime ewe” facilitator, Rob Inglis has worked with Rick and Hough on ram and ewe management pre and post lambing.
The 1250 weather weaners are sold off as lambs after an Autumn shearing, into the Corowa market, over an eight week period, with the 2013 weaners topping at $98.

The maiden ewes are classed in July by Pooginook’s Pat Brown.

Rick said “the follow up support and advice we receive from Pooginook is important to us”.