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MEDIA RELEASE: The launch of AWI Wool Clip

AWI Wool Clip

19th March 2012

Regional farmer groups are encouraged to apply to host a series of grower updates being rolled out by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

The AWI Wool Clip events will update woolgrowers on the outcomes of AWI investments across the company. It is an opportunity for producers to hear from a range of speakers on relevant topics.

In all, 13 Wool Clip events will be held across Australia between April and August, and AWI is inviting industry organisations such as state farming organisations, brokers and grower groups to run an AWI Wool Clip in their area.

AWI Chief Executive Officer, Stuart McCullough, says by partnering with local groups, each event can be targeted to meet the needs of the audience.

The AWI Wool Clip events allow us to communicate the outcomes of our R&D and marketing investments directly with growers. AWI looks forward to partnering with a number of organisations to deliver the information local growers are looking for,” he said.

In applying, organisations can choose any combination from the following topics:

Keeping flies lice and worms under control Profitable pastures in any environment
Professional shearing and handling of quality wool clips AWI wool market outlook
Labour saving ideas for woolgrowers Marketing Australian wool
Managing the impacts of wild dogs, rabbits and foxes AWI global business development
Breeding for profitability New markets for Australian wool
Profitable and practical Merino management Profitability of Merino enterprises

The 13 AWI Wool Clip events will run from April to August and be split between the states, with three each in New South Wales and Western Australia, two in Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia and one in Tasmania.

AWI will provide the partnering organisation with a range of support for each event, including; catering, promotions, speakers and printing.

More information on the AWI Wool Clip can be found here

Organisations wishing to run an AWI Wool Clip event will need to respond to the Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Each EOI will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Credibility of lead organisation and event partners
  • Proposed locations and dates
  • Mix of formats for each state

The deadline for the EOI is 9am Tuesday, 10 April 2012.

For more information on the EOI please contact Claudia Wythes 0412 011 064 or Emily King 02 8295 3176.

Released by:

Marius Cuming
Manager Corporate Communications
Mobile: +61 400 305 716


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