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Well-presented Pooginook lines draw praise

WoolPoll Levy

20th June 2013

Demand was strong at the recent Melbourne wool sales for the Pooginook lines
Pooginook Assistant Manager, Sean Carroll, teamed up with his father Dennis and his wool classer uncle, Fred Tuddeham, both of Geelong, to travel to Melbourne to see the Pooginook ram weaner wool sold.

Offered in the Fox and Lillie Rural Melbourne sale 47 catalogue, the wool received tremendous competition, according to Fox and Lillie Rural’s Technical and Marketing Manager, Eamon Timms.

“Although shorn prematurely at six months, the returns were not at much discount to full-length fleece lines offered on the same day,’’ Mr Timms said.

Clip preparation was carried out by Deniliquin-based classer, Christine Hall.

The wool tested at 17.2 micron, had a staple length of 59 millimetres, staple strength of 55 Newtons per kilotex and sold for 756 cents per kilogram. The ram weaners grew 3.5 kilograms of wool in the six months.

The result followed breeding ewe wool sold by Elders on 9 May 2013 being awarded Elders Clip of the Month.

The Pooginook wool now enters the Elders Clip of the Year to be announced in August.


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