Often asked: 30 Dogs 28 Sheep How Many Didn’t?

What does how many didnt mean?

The answer to the riddle is: Ten didn’t. The reason this is so confusing is because you have to read the question without thinking about how it’s written. Read it out loud for a moment and “hear” the riddle without “reading” it.

What is the answer to the riddle There are 30 cows in a field?

Now say the word ATE rather than EIGHT. So there are 30 cows and 20 of them ATE chickens. How many cows didn’t eat chickens? 30 – 20 = 10.

How many cows are in a field?

Do you want to know the answer? The full riddle goes: There’s 30 cows in a field, 20 ate chickens, how many didn’t? People are getting confused online because it sounds like 28, instead of 20 ate.

What question can you never answer yes to?

What question can you never honestly answer yes to? Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent). Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent).

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What is always in bed but never sleeps?

The answer to What has a bed but never sleeps and runs but never walks? Riddle Answer is ” A river.”

What Cannot speak but will reply when spoken to?

An echo.

What can go up a chimney down?

According to Riddle Spot, the answer to the riddle “What goes up the chimney down but cannot go down the chimney up?” is an umbrella. An umbrella is very thin and narrow when it is down, so it can fit through the narrow opening of a chimney.

What loses its head in the morning?

The exact answer is A Pillow.

How can you spell cow in 13 letters?

Yes the word COW can be expressed in 13 letters. The word COW can be written in 13 letters in this way: “ SEE- O-DOUBLE-YOU ” iin which we just write the spelling of the character wise pronounce…. So we can write “COW” in 13 Letters as “SEE-O-DOUBLEYOU”.

Can a cow eat a chicken?

Do cows eat meat? Cows can eat meat, but it is very rare to find them doing this and not particularly safe in large quantities. Cows have been noted to eat carrion, eggs, and birds. When cattle feed on plants, they sometimes eat insects along with the plants.

What does a cow drink?

What do cows drink? Your first intuition was probably to answer “milk.” And then, depending on how familiar you are with bovine diets, you realized that, wait, it’s the calves that drink milk—adult cows drink water.

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What has 13 hearts but no organs?

The right answer to ‘What has 13 hearts, but no other organ’ Riddle is ” A Deck of Cards “.

What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

What has many keys but can’t open a single lock? The answer is: Piano.

What has a ring but no finger?

What has a ring but no finger? A telephone or alarm. A telephone or alarm.

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