Often asked: Dragon City How To Breed Sheep Dragon?

How do you breed a tribal dragon on dragon City?

You need to have your Sanctuary upgraded to level 7+ for Tribal, and breed stuff like Cactus, and Tropical, and Butterfly, and Spicy, and Firebird together.

What is the strongest dragon you can breed in dragon City?

Pure Dragon is the strongest. 2. Pure dragon is weakness of all dragons’ breed except Legendary and Pure and it has no weakness.

What is the easiest legendary dragon to breed in dragon City?

What is the best way to breed a legendary dragon? There are 3 methods that will work for breeding legendary dragons, The first (most common) tactic is to breed a Pure Dragon with a War Dragon. This has a 40% chance of breeding the Kratus Dragon who knows both Pure and War type moves.

What habitat does the tribal dragon live in?

It has the Fire Element, the Earth Element, and the Wind Element, so it can be placed into either a Fire Habitat, an Earth Habitat, or a Wind Habitat. Tribal Dragons are Rare.

What are the rarest dragons in Dragon City?

Top 10 strongest Rare dragons

  1. Dreamcatcher Damage:4,838.
  2. Underworld Damage:4,838.
  3. Space Being Damage:4,238.
  4. Mwahaha Damage:5,100.
  5. Drainbow Damage:5,100.
  6. Pterodactyl Damage:5,100.
  7. Lightbeam Damage:5,100.
  8. Dolphin Damage:5,100.
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What is the rarest dragon in DragonVale?

Top Ten DragonVale Dragons

  1. Rainbow Dragon. I got this dragon after I got my Double rainbow.
  2. Leap Year Dragon. For sure it is the rarest you can only get it on a leap year.
  3. Panlong Dragon.
  4. Firework Dragon.
  5. Sun Dragon.
  6. Gold Dragon.
  7. Dawn Dragon.
  8. Bone Dragon.

How do you get a pure Dragon in Dragon City?

Breed the Mermaid (367)and Noble (1056) to get a pure dragon.

How do I breed a waterfall dragon?


  1. The best method of breeding a Waterfall Dragon is breeding a Terra Dragon and a Sea Dragon together.
  2. The Waterfall Dragon can also be the result of breeding two Dragons with a and. Element together.

Can you trade eggs in Dragon City?

There are different trading pages specifically for different types of trades. Note: You must be at least level 35 to trade eggs.

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