Question: How To Get Rid Of Sheep In Farm Heroes?

What level in farm heroes saga has black sheep?

Black sheep first appear in level 806, the first level of the 51st episode, Safari Sanctuary.

How do the Bulls work on farm heroes saga?


  • Bulls run against other blockers and will advance them 1 or 2 stages.
  • Bulls can be stopped by sheep.
  • Bulls mostly remove normal cropsies on their way without scoring (like a tractor).
  • Bulls will always destroy bomb cropsies when running over them.
  • Bulls can pass an empty field.

What levels have fireflies in farm heroes?

Fireflies appear first in level 491, the first level of the 34th episode, Beastie Bayou. They have also arrived in the Let it Snow event on 2015 Christmas Farm Heroes Saga game on mobile, beginning on level 13.

How do you move the sheep in farm heroes saga?

To move the sheep you need to make a row of crops next to it. Just like you do for spiders, and chickens and anything else you want to move. The only difference this time (apart from the fact its a sheep lols) your sheep will move to the point you made the match.

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How do you use +1 on farm heroes?

Move the shovel to the desired square and tap the green checkmark to confirm. 2. +1 Bonus- When applied, this will give a +1 bonus to all crop types required to clear the level. When available, tap the + 1 icon to use it.

What does recharge mean in farm heroes?

Hi Lorac, a recharge is simply restoring your original boosters, if you haven’t used any in the level, you’ll just have the same amount. Say if you used a dog or a tractor on that previous level, a recharge will just restore the original amount; 1.

How do you play Farm Heroes Saga?

How to Play Farm Heroes Saga

  1. Starting the game- Tap the Farm Heroes Saga icon on your phone to open the game.
  2. Playing- After the game loads, tap play.
  3. Tutorial- For the first few levels, you will have a tutorial to guide you.

How do you get rid of fireflies in farm heroes?

Fireflies may appear easy to get off the board but they are not always. In order to remove them you have to make two matches adjacent to them and they’re ready to fly away.

How do you collect the spider in farm heroes saga?

Farm Heroes levels that feature spiders usually require the player to collect them to win. If a spider’s nest is cleared, and there are others available, then it will hop to the next nest. Once all of the nests are cleared, the spider is collected.

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