Quick Answer: A Farmer Had 17 Sheep. All But 9 Died. How Many Live Sheep Were Left?

How many sheep are alive?

Numbering a little over one billion, domestic sheep are also the most numerous species of sheep.

What does all but nine mean?

‘All but nine died’ means ‘ All except nine died ‘ i.e. 9 sheep remained alive. Answer verified by Toppr.

What is the meaning of all but nine died?

‘All but nine died’ means ‘All except nine died’ i.e. 9 sheep remained alive.

What does all but one mean?

: Thank you. In this phrase, “but” means ” except.” “Of 50 runners, all but one finished the race” means 49 runners finished.

Why do we say all but?

“All but” means 1) almost or very nearly and 2) all except. When you say “I’m all but against bullying.”, it means that you are almost against bullying, but not totally so.

What does all but a few mean?

all but a few = all except a few = almost all. You explained very well, thanks a lot.

What does all but disappeared mean?

It is an idiom meaning ” very nearly” – if something has all but disappeared there are some vestiges left, if something has disappeared it has gone entirely.

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