Quick Answer: How Many Acres La Croix Sheep?

How big do St Croix sheep get?

Mature rams weigh up to 200 lbs and ewes up to 150 lbs. Birth weights for twins average 7 lbs. St Croix sheep are active and vigorous without any tendency to be wild. They demonstrate greater resistance to internal parasites than do both wool sheep and most other hair sheep breeds.

How many lambs do St. Croix have?

Ewes can have two lamb crops in a year, sometimes three in two years. One to four lambs in one lamb crop are possible, with twins being most common. St. Croix sheep have a high lamb survivability and the ewes are instinctive mothers, usually not requiring much help.

Are St Croix sheep good for meat?

Good Temperament – Because of the docile temperament of rams and ewes, they are easy to handle and manage. This is one reason that the St. Croix sheep do not deposit fat within the muscles. Therefore, they produce a lean meat without the tallow taste associated with lanolin wool sheep.

What is the most parasite resistant sheep?

In contrast, Katahdin and Caribbean hair sheep crosses were clearly more resistant to parasitism, and also tended to become less anemic. Although the Dorper and the Katahdin are both derived from hair sheep crosses, differences in parasite resistance between the two breeds are not surprising.

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What is the largest hair sheep breed?

The Dorper is the heaviest-muscled hair sheep breed in the US. The breed was developed in 1946 in South Africa by mating Dorset Horn rams with Blackhead Persian ewes (an indigenous fat-tailed breed).

Can sheep live in tropical climate?

If it’s particularly hot and humid, such as in Florida or other areas surrounding the Gulf Coast, hair sheep of tropical origins will be your best bet. In a cold climate, though, a long wool breed or a meat breed will be a better choice. You should also think about parasite resistance and breeding capabilities.

Can hair sheep be milked?

Theoretically, any breed of sheep can be milked, but it is unlikely that it would be profitable to milk traditional meat (wooled or hair) or wool breeds. In the United States, there are three dairy sheep breeds: East Friesian, Lacaune, and Awassi.

Are St. Croix sheep endangered?

This Caribbean breed originated in the 17th century and is now considered endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. Though it is adapted to heat and humidity, the St. Croix will grow a thick winter coat in cold climates, making it suitable for use throughout North America.

Are St. Croix sheep hair sheep?

The St. Croix is an American sheep breed that is part of the Caribbean Hair sheep family of breeds. Caribbean Hair sheep were developed from the hair sheep of West Africa and a few European wooled sheep that were brought to the Caribbean beginning in the 1600s.

Do hair sheep have lanolin?

Hair sheep aren’t naturally a very meaty animal, so ranchers like McCrea have cross-bred many hair sheep with Dorper hair-wool sheep. Sheep with wool produce a wax called lanolin, which adds a distinct odor and taste to the lamb meat.

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How long are St Croix sheep pregnant?

The average gestation duration is 150 days. Both sexes of the St. Croix are precocious sexually. The males reach puberty as early as four months and the females breed to lamb at one year of age.

What is a small sheep breed?

Also occasionally called the Breton Dwarf, it is one of the smallest breeds of sheep in the world. Rams are around 49 centimetres (19 in) tall at the shoulder, and the ewes about 45 centimetres (18 in). They are currently being raised in a number of European countries including Germany, France, and Great Britain.

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