Quick Answer: What Sound Did The Sheep Hear When Her Sister Tripped And Fell Down Answers?

What sound did the sheep hear when her sister tripped and fell down?

Answer: Step-by-step explanation: The Sheep said ” Sis Boom Bah”. This is an old “Carnac” joke from Johnny Carson Tonight Show.

Why do helicopter get sick so often?

Takeoff, landing, and quick altitude changes when flying in a helicopter can bring on air sickness in many people. Fumes from helicopter fuel can make you feel sick, especially on a hot day. Try to stay upwind of the helicopter so you don’t smell the fuel.

How did the hunter get hurt while bending over to study some tracks answers?

Riddle. how did the hunter get hurt while bending over to study some tracks? One answer says he was bending over looking at train tracks and the train ran over him!

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What do you call a wristwatch to be worn in the 23rd century math worksheet answers?

A wrist watch to be worn in the 23rd century is called a future wrist tick.

What do you call it when a plane comes down in a garbage heap?

It is called ” trash landing”.

What is special about a radioactive cat worksheet answers?

The radioactive iodine is injected once into the cat and that will be the end of treatment. They can be genetically modified and after being genetically modified they have the ability to change colors when exposed under radiation.

What happens to the dog who eats table scraps?

It Can Cause Digestive Problems Typical human food is much too rich and fatty for a dog to properly digest; eating it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and even more severe conditions like pancreatitis.

What do you call the big grass field?

For the answer to the question above asking what do they call the big grass field on an orbiting satellite? The answer is A Park In Space: according to the math worksheet. I hope my answer helped you.

How do we know when clocks are hungry?

Hungry Clock Riddle How do you know if a clock is hungry? Hint: It goes back for seconds.

What should you call a man with a clamp math worksheet?

For the answer to the question above, I think the answer is ” A Vise Guy or Vise Man ” is what should you call a man with a clamp.

Why is the pale pail?

The noun pail refers to a bucket — a container for holding and carrying something. The adjective pale means unusually light in color or weak.

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What do you call the situation when the rubber man?

What Do You Call The Situation When The Rubber Man Runs Into The. Bearded Lady? A FREAK ACCIDENT.

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