Quick Answer: Which Of These Textures Are Used In The Performance Of “the Talking Sheep”?

What is the texture of the talking sheep?

 Texture: Listen for three distinct textures on the shawms: (1) All instruments play the same notes together in unison ( monophony ); (2) Two instruments play the melody in unison while the third holds a long, single note (homophony); (3) Two instruments play the same melody but not in unison, weaving around each other

Who is the original composer of the talking sheep?

“Sheep” is a song by English band Pink Floyd, released on the album Animals in 1977. It was originally titled “Raving and Drooling” and performed live on tours in 1974. It was written by bassist Roger Waters.

Which is a musical instrument from the Middle Ages?

Instruments, such as the vielle, harp, psaltery, flute, shawm, bagpipe, and drums were all used during the Middle Ages to accompany dances and singing. Trumpets and horns were used by nobility, and organs, both portative (movable) and positive (stationary), appeared in the larger churches.

What rhythmic approach was always used in performing plainchant in the Middle Ages?

Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic, unaccompanied sacred song in Latin (and occasionally Greek) of the Roman Catholic Church. Gregorian chant developed mainly in western and central Europe during the 9th and 10th centuries, with later additions and redactions.

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What does the Shawm sound like?

The shawm’s conical bore and flaring bell, combined with the style of playing dictated by the use of a pirouette, gives the instrument a piercing, trumpet-like sound, well-suited for outdoor performances.

What album is raving and drooling on?

A sackbut is a type of trombone which was commonly used during the Renaissance and Baroque eras, characterised by a telescopic slide that is used to vary the length of the tube to change pitch. In modern English, an older trombone or its replica is called a sackbut.

What is the oldest medieval musical instrument?

The oldest Medieval musical instrument was the human voice! The spread of Christianity in the early Medieval period led to the popularity of hymns and secular songs. The earliest Church organ dates back to to the 8th Century!

What are the most commonly used musical instruments in a gamelan?

The most common instruments used are metallophones played by mallets and a set of hand-played drums called kendhang, which register the beat. The kemanak (a banana shaped idiophone) and gangsa (another metallophone) are commonly used gamelan instruments in Java.

Who is Guillaume de Machaut quizlet?

Most of what is known of Machaut is in his own narrative poems. He was born in Champagne probably to a middle class family. In later he became the king of Bohemia’s secretary and after lived in Reims as a canon of the cathedral. He was the leading composer and poet of the Ars Nova in France.

What makes medieval music unique?

Another important element of Medieval music theory was the unique tonal system by which pitches were arranged and understood. During the Middle Ages, this systematic arrangement of a series of whole steps and half steps, what we now call a scale, was known as a mode.

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What are the characteristics of Medieval chant?

Melody – The melody of a Gregorian chant is very free-flowing. The chant moves up and down by steps and small leaps within a narrow range. Melodies are often melismatic- syllables are held out over multiple notes. Harmony – Gregorian chants are monophonic in texture, so have no harmony.

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