Readers ask: How To Sponge Sheep?

How long do you leave sponges in ewes?

Leave them in for at least 48 hours, take them out, feed and rest them and re-introduce them 16 days after sponge removal for a week. Recommended ewe/ram ratio for the first oestrus is 10:1, with less ram power required for the second cycle. Harnesses should only be used from the second cycle.

How do sheep sponges work?

Sheep sponges and PMSG Using progestogen impregnated sponges as part of the breeding programme allows a group of ewes to be mated as a batch on one day, and the use of a hormone injection PMSG will increase ovulation rates and in turn improve litter size.

What does it mean to sponge sheep?

Sheep are seasonal breeders – in ewes oestrus begins as day light hours start to decrease in the autumn. The use of sponges allows for oestrus to be synchronised and thereby allows the use of PMSG to be used to increase ovulation rates and ultimately the litter size of ewes successfully mated.

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What does PMSG do in sheep?

PMSG is capable of supplementing and being substituted for both luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating gonadotrophin of the anterior pituitary gland in both the male and female, stimulating development of the ovarian follicle. This product is licensed for use in cattle, sheep and pigs.

Can you keep rams with ewes?

A well-grown ram lamb should be able to mate 15 to 30 ewes in a 34 day breeding season. Ram lambs and mature rams should never be run together in the same breeding group.

How long do you leave Cidrs in sheep?

Sheep: Insert Eazi-Breed CIDR devices during the breeding season and leave in place for 12 to 14 days. Ewes will be in oestrus for mating or insemination approximately 54 hours after device removal. For spring joining, it is recommended that the device be used in conjunction with PMSG 400 to 500 IU.

How long is a sheep pregnant for?

After mating, sheep have a gestation period of around five months. Within a few days of the impending birth, ewes begin to behave differently.

What is flushing in sheep?

In the past, ewes were “flushed”, which is the practice of reducing condition post weaning by tight grazing and then raising the plane of nutrition for about 3 weeks Page 4 prior to going to the ram so that the ewes would be gaining in body weight and body condition at mating.

How many ewes does a ram lamb have?

Traditionally the guidelines in Ireland have always been 40-45 ewes per hogget or older ram and 20-25 ewes per ram lamb. If you are using a young ram, it is suggested to let him off with a small group of ewes first to ensure he is working. You can also rotate rams to ensure the flock is covered.

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What is the ram effect?

The “ram effect” is when non-cycling ewes are stimulated to ovulate by the sudden introduction of a novel ram. Rams produce chemical substances called pheromones, which are perceived by the ewe and can stimulate the onset of estrus in peripubertal ewes or ewes approaching the onset of the breeding season.

Will sheep breed in the spring?

Fall or out-of-season lambing involves breeding ewes in April and May to produce lambs in September and October. The inability of most breeds of sheep to cycle and breed in the spring to early summer is a major constraint for success. Weather conditions are ideal for pasture lambing.

What is twin lamb disease?

Twin Lamb Disease (TLD) can occur in thin or over fat ewes and is triggered by a stressful event such as a change in weather, change in diet or foot problems which results in a critical shortage of blood glucose causing a demand on the ewe using her backfat for energy.

How long are sheep in season for?

The duration of estrus (~ 30 hours ) is influenced by the breed and age of the ewe, the onset of puberty, the presence of the male, and the season. Estrous periods that occur in the fall are longer and more intense, and maiden ewes have a shorter and less intense estrus than mature ewes.

How do you use CIDRs in sheep?

To insert a CIDR, first restrain the animal and then clean the area of the vulva thoroughly. Put the body of the insert into the applicator, with the plastic tail in the slot. Apply lubricant to the tip of the insert and position the insert with the tail on the underside of the applicator, curling down.

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How long do sheep stay in heat?

The normal cycle for ewes is approximately 17 days between heat periods. However, it can vary from 14 to 19 days. Duration of estrus, or heat period. The heat period usually lasts 30 to 35 hours, with a range of 20 to 42 hours.

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