Readers ask: Why Did Melchizdak Want 1 10th Of Santiago’s Sheep?

Why does the king of Salem ask for one tenth of Santiago’s sheep?

To Santiago’s surprise, the old man knows the book. Santiago has never heard of Salem and thinks the old man is crazy. The old man says that if Santiago gives him one tenth of his sheep, he will tell him how to find the hidden treasure.

What does King Melchizedek want from Santiago?

Melchizedek is also the first character in The Alchemist to display magical powers. Those powers help him convince Santiago to pursue his dream of finding a treasure near the pyramids in Egypt. By his own account, Melchizedek plays a role in the lives of everyone who pursues his or her Personal Legend.

What is the significance of 1/10 in the Alchemist?

It turns out that, in the Old Testament, Melchizedek was the King of Salem (therefore not the Colonial American city), and was rewarded 1/10 of Abraham’s treasure for blessing him.

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Who wants one tenth of Santiago’s flock right away?

Lesson Summary It is because of Melchizedek that Santiago decides to embark on his quest for his Personal Legend. Melchizedek prompts Santiago to make that decision by offering to help him out by telling him how to find the hidden treasure in exchange for one-tenth of his flock.

What is the world’s greatest lie in the Alchemist?

There you will find a treasure that will make you a rich man. It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.

What happened to Santiago’s money?

How is Santiago’s money stolen in Tangiers? He gives his money to his new “friend” he met in a bar/tavern, and then he gets distracted by a beautiful sword, and then his new “friend” is nowhere to be seen. He learns that you have to work long and hard for money.

Who Melchizedek in the Bible?

Melchizedek, also spelled Melchisedech, in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), a figure of importance in biblical tradition because he was both king and priest, was connected with Jerusalem, and was revered by Abraham, who paid a tithe to him. Salem, of which he is said to be king, is very probably Jerusalem.

What are Santiago’s 3 dreams?

Santiago, the old fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, ponders youth and old age during his three-day fishing journey. Santiago dreams of lions, which symbolize youth, strength, and virility.

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Who is the gypsy woman in the Alchemist?

A gypsy woman whom Santiago meets at the beginning of the novel. She interprets his recurring dream about the Egyptian Pyramids as a sign that he should travel to that place and seek a great treasure. As payment, she makes Santiago promise her 1/10th of the total of his treasure.

What is the irony in the Alchemist?

More irony: The gold that the alchemist created from lead is precisely what causes the thieves to believe that Santiago is digging for more treasure, and to beat him. For Santiago, and for the reader, this is an unexpected, negative consequence of the alchemist’s wisdom and power.

What is Santiago’s personal legend?

A Personal Legend, as it’s referred to in The Alchemist, is one’s destiny in life. It’s identifying your purpose in life and pursuing it. When Santiago meets the old King of Salem, Melchizedek, he teaches him what a Personal Legend is. He says that a Personal Legend is “what you have always wanted to accomplish”.

How does Melchizedek influence the boys action?

How does Melchizedek influence the boy’s actions? He helps Santiago to recognize important signs and omens that Santiago might have overlooked and encourages him to not give up.

What did Santiago’s parents want him to be?

Santiago’s parents want him to become a priest, so he attends the seminary until he is sixteen years old. While in the seminary, Santiago learns to read. While it is a great honor and accomplishment for a boy from a poor family to become a priest, Santiago soon realizes he is unhappy at the seminary.

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Why does Santiago sell his sheep?

In The Alchemist, Santiago has been disappointed by the dream interpreter and met the supposed king of Salem Melchizedek. He asks Santiago for 10% of his sheep in exchange for helping him find the treasure.

How does Santiago’s father affect his journey?

How does Santiago’s father affect his journey? He gave Santiago money to buy a flock of sheep because he shared his son’s dream of traveling the world.

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